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Media Partners

Publications, websites and institutions related to this event, its satellite events and its venue are welcome to enter a media partnership with ICT4AWE, by means of which they assist in divulging the conference through a link exchange, by forwarding our Call for Papers or by publishing news pieces about the event, its speakers or satellite events.

Current Media Partners:

Dedicated to promoting management, leadership, best practice and cross-collaboration in healthcare, is a digital powerhouse uniting five specialist platforms Healthcare IT Management, Cardiology Management, Imaging Management, EXEC and ICU Management into one where experts and practitioners from all these areas meet to share their expertise. Receiving 1.2 million visits per year, the web portal also serves as a top healthcare news platform giving voice to comprehensive information related to clinical practice, hospital administration, latest research, technology advances, major practice challenges and valuable management tips in its dedicated channel highlight e-newsletters.


Innovate, research, develop and undertake become essential in our day to day, such that i9 magazine comes as a monthly publication that aims to promote national projects over nine sections: 1. istart; 2. ipeople | ipeople flash; 3. iclusters; 4. ilab; 5. imarkets; 6. isocial; 7. itech; 8. iliving & trends; 9. izoom. is a platform for international academic conference, which help users to improve efficiency of conferences organization and aim to build a professional academic research community.

Haptic technology

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING is a consulting of global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our goal is your target in a future visionary way to create a synergy business bridge between SME’s companies and R&D laboratories to merge together in revolutionary and innovation projects.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING stays focussed both on private and public organisations, NGOs, universities, educational institutes and agencies offering various services related to European funded programmes such as Horizon 2020 helping them to access EU funds.


iTeleMedicine is the leading online news publication for telemedicine and telehealth. Access breaking news, press releases, market reports & case studies as well as vital resources like events & conference calendar, the world’s largest telemedicine directory, webinars and online training and The Telemedicine Report newsletter with  readership over 27,000.


iTelemedicine is the industry meeting place for researchers, developers, manufacturers, service providers, resellers and end-users in the telemedicine marketplace. Connecting industry partners; connecting adopters with solutions; connecting providers with demand; specialists with the need for services, iTelemedicine is your industry partner for deployment of telemedicine and telehealth solutions and services.

Digital Health Age (DHA)

Digital Health Age (DHA) is an information hub for the emerging digital health sector, arising from intersection of healthcare services, information technology and mobile technology.
With intelligence on emerging trends, the latest technologies and thought leadership in digital health, telehealth, mhealth and ehealth, Digital Health Age supports professionals in the medical, pharma, and healthtech markets. Launched in 2015, the website has quickly become a hub for progress and innovation in digital health.
Through exclusive and original content, the site connects and informs those stakeholders using or creating connected platforms to improve patient outcomes, make care more convenient and drive patient empowerment.

Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

It’s true, that what we feed our brains with is what grooms us and eventually the society. Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine is a venture that is an All Positive, No Gossips Media Platform that brings Inspirational News & Stories from around the globe from various dimensions & strata of society. In a nutshell it's A delight for entrepreneurs, A vision for writers, A feast for energy seekers, A visionary platform for journalists, A pat on the back for those who struggle, A hope for readers of today & the strongest base for the future of a well-wired & positively inspired society. is the online magazine leader in the Spanish market for professionals of the elderly care sector.
On this site you can find news, information about the latest products in the market, events of interest (courses, conferences, trade fairs...),and also articles relating to training, technical and professional comentaries.

SilverEco is the French national online media of Silver Economy. By extension, is the international English version.
Everyday our editorial staff publishes news and articles regarding all fields of Silver Economy: robotics, healthcare, e-health, transports, etc. We present up-to-date information about the latest products on the market and update the agenda.
Our aim is to bring together all Silver Economy stakeholders, on the French market, but also at an international level. For instance, we organize SilverNight, a gala event where the SilverEco Trophies of the year are awarded. Moreover, we edit the French Directory of the Stakeholders of the Silver Economy. The directory is officially endorsed by French Prime Minister, Finance Minister and the State Secretary for Elderly People and Adult Care.

Mercom Capital Group

Mercom Capital Group, llc, is a global communications and consulting firm focused on healthcare information technology, cleantech and financial communications. Mercom delivers highly respected industry market intelligence reports covering Health IT/Digital Health, Solar Energy, and Smart Grid, Battery Storage & Efficiency. Our reports provide timely industry happenings and ahead-of-the-curve analysis specifically for C-level decision making. Mercom’s consulting division advises companies on new market entry, custom market intelligence and overall strategic decision-making. Mercom’s communications division helps companies and financial institutions build powerful relationships with media, analysts, government decision-makers, local communities and strategic partners. For more information about Mercom Capital Group, visit: To get a copy of Mercom’s popular market intelligence reports, visit: